About this site

Welcome to v-wiki!

This website contains a collection of useful tips, tricks, workarounds and shortcuts.

I started to collate the information from many years of IT Infrastructure experience, where I always had an impatience of needing key information quickly, without having to read through a 400 page “quick reference guide” that was written by a non-English speaker, just to find out simple deployment information to get the system up and running.

Although I am currently employed by VMware, this site contains resources and assistance for many non-VMware products and technologies, and it is important that you read the disclaimer before taking advice from this site.

So, why is the site called v-wiki? It all comes from my nickname, which was “Wicky” – shortened from “Wickham”, and this has evolved to “wiki” (some might say because I am like a wiki of information 🙂 )

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